Social Media and Your Audience

Content Marketing World 2016. #CMWorld


Ever struggled to keep up with a speaker while taking notes or tweeting to the event hashtag? it’s probably even harder while eating your lunch!

That’s why I’ve created this Tweet Sheet. Bookmark it to review the main points later, or follow along and whenever you think I say something worth sharing, simply click to send a tweet. You don’t even need to put down your sandwich.

  • Want to change something? Go nuts! Edit and tweak as you like. They’re your tweets, after all!
  • I’ve included the event hashtag to make things easy but feel free to add your own.
  • Don’t want to tweet? That’s fine too. Tweet all, some or none at all.

Ready? Let’s go!

It Begins…

.@Kimota takes the stage at #CMWorld. Social Media and Your Audience: Secrets of Crowd-Pleasing Comms Click To Tweet Want to keep up with @Kimota's presentation for #CMWorld? Check out his handy Tweet Sheet at Click To Tweet

Collapsing Bridges…

Focusing too much on #socialmedia numbers and algorithms can blind marketers to the audience they're trying to reach. #CMWorld Click To Tweet 'Why do so many experienced marketers continue to crash their campaigns in the same #socialmedia troublespots?' asks @Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet

Issue #1: Followers of Doom

In social media, you are not in control. The audience always pulls the strings: @Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet When we push our content, messaging or ideas into social media, we surrender all control over them to the audience: @Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet 'Claiming a failed #socialmedia campaign as a success or a negative backlash as intentional is trolling the audience!' says @Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet

Issue #2: Adventures in Automation

Automation is a tool, not a comms strategy. You still need to turn up, says @Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet If we reduce #socialmedia down to algorithms, numbers, tools & tick boxes, our days as marketers are numbered: @Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet

Issue #3: True Stories of Engagement

71% of marketers say Effectiveness is just about Engagement! #CMWorld #SocialMedia Click To Tweet Chartbeat research found no relationship b/w shares & attention given to that content #CMWorld Click To Tweet 'Content marketing isn't just getting ppl to click. What matters is what happens as a result of your content' says @Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet 'It's not how many seats you fill at the start but what they think and do at the end of the show that really matters.' @Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet

Issue #4: Social Content Mysteries

If your goal is #socialmedia traffic, you’re a social media marketer. If you’re a content marketer, your content goals come 1st. #CMWorld Click To Tweet How to produce audience-focused content? Consider the three appeals of rhetoric: Ethos, Logos, Pathos—@Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet Be prepared for the likely counter-arguments, objections and criticisms. The audience will be! @Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet

Issue #5: Thrilling Tales of Targeting!

Marketers segment email & DM audiences. Stop pushing the same content to everyone on #socialmedia regardless of relevance. #CMWorld Click To Tweet Interest groups often form their own niche communities. Your audience may have already segmented themselves for you: @Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet Niche interest groups may already exist on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or elsewhere! Target them with specific content: @Kimota #CMWorld Click To Tweet

Thanks for listening—and tweeting!

I hope you found this Tweet Sheet helpful. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@Kimota) and feel free to throw your questions at me.

Huge thanks to Andrew Davis (@TPLDrew) for sharing his Tweet Sheet idea and the incredible Carlos Ezquerra for the bespoke comic illustrations of some angry bearded marketing guy used in this presentation.

All other comic book images are from the wonderful public domain comics database, (public domain, yay!).