Let me tell you a story…

If it involves arranging words in rows with occasional punctuation, then Jonathan Crossfield has given it a bash. He calls himself a Storyteller, mainly because it fits on a business card better than a long list of writer, marketer, journalist, copywriter, social media consultant, speaker and blogger. To use any other job title would be to pigeonhole him inaccurately. But storytelling underpins everything he does, from copywriting an EDM to planning a content strategy to scribbling ghost stories in those rare spare moments.

Jonathan has won awards for articles on digital marketing in Nett Magazine and his over-opinionated blog Atomik Soapbox, although expects the obvious mistake will be realised soon. He has written for other magazines on similar topics, including Smarter Business Ideas and Giftrap. Jonathan still contributes a regular column on The Social Web to Chief Content Officer magazine, published by the US based Content Marketing Institute.

Joe PulizziJonathan has been outstanding in his role with us at Chief Content Officer magazine. Jonathan is one of those rare thinkers that really get what is going on with the changes in marketing, and specifically, content marketing.
Joe Pulizzi – Content Marketing Institute