Let me tell you a story …

I like my job. Honest. Working for myself means I have a good boss (mostly), while the commute from the bedroom to the study (via the coffee machine) couldn’t really be much shorter. And I get to play with words, with ideas, all day.

Comic illustration of Jonathan Crossfield typing furiously on a laptop.

I describe myself as a storyteller because writer, editor, content marketing strategist, digital marketer, journalist, copywriter, consultant, workshop trainer, event speaker and overly opinionated blogger wouldn’t all fit neatly on a business card. In short, if it involves herding words into a row with the occasional punctuation, then I’ve probably given it a bash.

My freelance career has involved working on major content projects for brands such as Telstra and Australia Post, as well as a plethora of smaller projects for businesses in Australia and overseas.

I’ve won awards for magazine articles and blog posts on digital marketing, but that was so long ago now it seems boastful to keep mentioning it in bios.

For the last few years, I’ve written a popular column on social media for Chief Content Officer, the magazine of the Content Marketing Institute – the only byline to have appeared in every issue since 2012. Because I’m never short of an opinion, I’m also a judge for the CMI’s annual Content Marketing Awards.

I live in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia with a very patient wife and two one very impatient cats