If you need words wrangled into some sort of order, I’m the guy. Fiction, articles, e-books, copywriting, scripts & more.

“It’s the way he tells ’em”

Writing_WidgetEven the most stunning website or beautifully designed e-book will fail if the words don’t get your message across. You don’t only need a good story to tell, you need to tell it well.

Every format and every channel has different rules. People will read a magazine article in a very different way to a blog post or web page. The language of a white paper will most likely fail on Facebook. Tone, word count, language, structure, style; all of these take skill and experience to get right. Most of all, a good writer knows how to use all of these elements to motivate the reader to turn the page, hit the button or take out the credit card.

A trained journalist, experienced copywriter and evenqualified scriptwriter, I have crafted stories, drafted words (and occasionally shafted grammar) for many years and in many ways.

Whatever your content project, let me help you tell your brand’s story.

I rely on Jonathan for articles requiring a sophisticated grasp of a difficult issue, plus the grace and charm to teach something new without making you feel a complete dumb a$$.

Clare McDermottClare McDermott — CCO Magazine

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