I’m regularly invited to speak at conferences and present workshops on a wide number of topics.

Speaking_WidgetWith over 25 years experience as a radio presenter, nightclub DJ, workplace trainer and conference speaker, public speaking comes naturally to me. Now, those skills go towards energetic and entertaining presentations on content marketing strategy, storytelling, writing for the web, social media and related topics, always with a clear emphasis on actionable advice. Everyone should walk away from any of my presentations or workshops with at least one tool, idea or strategy that could be implemented straight away.

Robert RoseWatching and listening to Jonathan speak is like getting wrapped in a giant, grizzly bear hug of warmth and intelligence. He’s bigger than you, has a much better beard than you, and is seriously one of the smartest gentlemen in content and marketing today. You will not only leave a better practitioner, you will leave a better person.
Robert Rose: Chief Strategist, The Content Advisory

Book Me to Speak

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, education or even moderation I have a number of prepared conference presentations and training workshops available and have many years of experience hosting events, refereeing panel discussions and interviewing guests. Of course, I can also customise my presentations to include industry-relevant case studies or even work with you to develop a bespoke training program (fees apply). Just drop me a line and let’s have a chat.