Better business blogging

Better business blogging

Most businesses have moved on from the discussion about whether they should have a blog and are now wondering how to make the thing actually work. Or more commonly, why did theirs die?

The internet is littered with the decaying corpses of corporate blogs. Launched in a fit of enthusiasm, after three or four very ordinary posts that didn’t “go viral” as instructed by management, it becomes a forgotten, unloved thing.

So why do some corporate blogs grow and bloom and attract huge followings while others are brushed off the monthly marketing report out of sheer embarrassment? King Content recently interviewed me about my approach to business blogging.

For those of you too lazy to hit ‘play’, here are the top takeaways.

  • Write content your ideal customers would want to read, not what you want to tell them.
  • Involve as many people across the business as you can, for maximum participation and a wider set of viewpoints and expertise. Don’t let the blog be a single voice from one person in marketing.
  • If you can, hire people who know how to write. Journalists, copywriters, even professional bloggers are increasingly being hired by marketing departments to make sure all content is of the best quality.

And if you need someone to help set up your business blogging strategy, you could always drop me a line