Medieval Bumper Stickers

Medieval Bumper Stickers

Anyone whose checked out my other blog this weekend will know I’ve been thinking about memes. Firstly, by looking at how a potentially great idea for a new meme (Google Wave Cinema) was killed at birth by its creator not understanding how viral video works. Secondly, by playing with the granddaddy of memes, Hitler’s Downfall, to comment on how they work.

For those of you unsure what I mean, memes are ideas that spread virally, with others adding and creating variations – usually for comedic effect. A normal viral video or joke for example isn’t a meme as it doesn’t change. Something like the Kanye West “I’mma let you finish” fad is a meme as people created their own versions of the joke, spreading the idea further and evolving it over time.

One I’ve enjoyed greatly over the last few days has been happening on Twitter – Medieval bumper stickers. Here are some that particularly tickled me.

@thornae: Myne WIF wenden to Caunterbury, and alle she yeven me weren thys lousy tayle.

creativechai: Magna Carta–Change you can believe in.

Jimjar: Who Will Rid Me of This Flatulent Beast? (3 groats o.n.o., including nosebag and oats)

@johnrshanley: Templars do it Knightly

@Colvinius King Arthur’s Camelot. For all your Camel needs.

@graywave: My other cart is also a cart.

@Kimota: If you can read this – well, it’s statistically unlikely really, isn’t it?

@Kimota Magic Happens. So Burn The Witches.

@oliyoung: The Crusades: Mission Accompished

@GadgetGuySite: Terra Australis. Where the bloody hell are you?

The great thing about memes like this is how everyone joins in and plays. There’s no scoring, nothing to be won, no earthly reason for participating in a meme except play. Yet some of the most creative and clever ideas can result. The Medieval Bumper Stickers have now been going for about three days with people dipping in and out whenever they have an idea.


  1. Hitler on memes

    I love a good meme. There’s something so exciting about hundreds or even thousands of people riffing off a simple idea to create sometimes inspired and hilarious results. Some memes have a very short shelf-life, such as the Kanye West “I’mma let you finish” and the wonderful Twitter game of #medievalbumperstickers. Others seem to go on and on and on, like the champion of social media memes – Hitler’s Downfall.