B&T announces Top 50 Marketing Blogs 2009

B&T announces Top 50 Marketing Blogs 2009

The latest issue of B&T came out today, proudly announcing the Top 50 Marketing Blogs 09 (for Australia, of course). Six months ago, they ran the first of these lists where I appeared in a staggeringly surprising 6th place. This time, I’ve slipped a bit — down to 15 — partly due to some exceptional competition coming through.

The list is compiled by Julian Cole of The Population. The full list of 170 marketing blogs will appear on his AdSpace Pioneers blog on Monday, providing a fantastic reading list for anyone keen to tap into current Aussie marketing thinking.

For the record, the top ten blogs are:

  1. Bannerblog from Ashley Ringrose and Ashadi Hopper (@bannerblog)
  2. Acid Labs from Stephen Collins (@Trib)
  3. Servant of Chaos from Gavin Heaton (@servantofchaos)
  4. The Inspiration Room Daily from Duncan Macleod (@Postkiwi)
  5. Mumbrella from Tim Burrowes (@mumbrella)
  6. Marketing Magazine (@marketingmag)
  7. Laurel Papworth (@silkcharm)
  8. Young PR
  9. Adspace Pioneers from Julian Cole (@JulianCole)
  10. London Calling from Andrew Grill (@AndrewGrill)

Brad Howarth compliments the list with an excellent article on the growth of social media marketing in Australia and the challenges we still face.

Congrats to those who are doing fantastic things with a bit of patience, a blogging platform and a lot of ideas.


  1. Thanks, Jonathan. I still get the feeling that I’m faking it when people see me as a marketer. I’ve actually discussed it at acidlabs more than once.
    Pretty illustrious company for us, though. I’m honored to be amongst thinkers that good.

  2. Kimota says

    I know how you feel. This blog continually attempts to walk a line between marketing and writing – sometimes they overlap, sometimes I’m sure one half of my readership is left out. The fact the marketing content is held in high regard by some is incredibly gratifying.
    Then, isn’t marketing all about “faking it”?

  3. Agreed, marketing is about faking it to you make it, period!