Harnessing the Power of Twitter

Harnessing the Power of Twitter

Yes, after holding out and dismissing Twitter as a fad, I’ve finally relented and started my account.

Personally, I just didn’t get it before. Warren Ellis first wrote about Twitter way back before it was leaped upon as the darling of the online marketing circuit, but a brief investigation convinced me that it was an unnecessary distraction.

With more and more blog posts appearing that extol the virtues of Twitter, I became interested again, but still cynical. After all, do I really want to add another intrusive social media past-time into my already cramped day?

But as more bloggers I admire sign up and evangelise, I’m beginning to feel there is a greater risk of being left behind.

The final nail in my cynicism was Patrick Altoft’s post on Blogstorm this morning that explained how Twitter serves as a secondary subscription feed – driving traffic through to the site.

And that was it. My conversion was complete.

So I’m now on Twitter. You can follow my posts if you want to stay up to date. Also, send your Twitter profiles here so I can follow some of you fine people.


  1. spostareduro says

    Hi..Just began following your Tweets. As you need to have a post looked at, please feel free to ‘Tweet’ it to me. It is a terrific tool for getting to know your associates, your possible competition, grabbing URLs of interest that are Tweeted by others, allowing your associates to see a more flavorful side of you if you chose to be yourself, and most importantly building stronger bonds / friendships.
    Have fun with it. I’ll see you in Twitterland!

  2. Kimota says

    SD, you are wonderful and a perfect example of why Twitter works. I can see I’m in danger of losing time to this thing, but the benefits seem obvious.
    Thanks for your comments and for following.

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